Aug 14, 2019

Girls Who Podcast - Starting New Projects With Friends

We've all seen it. Groups of friends on social media who start neat projects together and become successful. They look like they're having such a blast. They're doing something meaningful (or simply playful) with their lives and they get to spend time together often. Sounds cool, right? 

Well, my friends and I have recently decided to give it a shot ourselves. (A big thank you to my Husband for sparking this idea for us too)

Expanding Horizons

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My gals and I try to hang out every weekend, but sometimes life happens and we get busy or just feel a little unsocial. I'm always up for spending more time with them, but at the same time, I felt like we could do more when we're together. We each have such different perspectives that all somehow meld together beautifully. It's important to find time for your friends. I actually wrote a post about that a little while back. It can be found here

So, what idea did we go with? We have created a podcast together! 

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We're in the beginning phase, but we've gotten our advertisements out there on all social media platforms. 
We'll host a new episode each Tuesday so make sure you subscribe to our channel and social accounts. We'll talk a lot on spirituality and elevating the conscious mind among other things. I couldn't be more excited. I also splurged a bit and purchased a BLUE mic. It's blown me away on it's quality.

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This whole creative event that we're going through has inspired me in so many ways. Within 24 hours we went from having zero plans laid out to having everything designed, named, and hooked up to social media. Between the three of us ladies, we divided the work and conquered. 

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Be There or Be Square

I hope that you all join us each Tuesday while we decode the universe and all it's cosmic wonder. Explore the divine feminine, spirituality, ancient technology and lost knowledge and about expanding the human mind's consciousness to a higher plane. You can find links to our YouTube channel on my blog's home page. 

You can also find us on our other social platforms here:

And that concludes my mini-post of shameless self-promotion. 

Do any of you podcast?
If so, what are your tips and advice?

What would you like to hear about on one of our episodes?

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