Oct 18, 2019

Ditching Coffee - Coping With Living Caffeine-Free

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Here's a hint. I'm not

I'm in denial. I'm drinking a small cup of decaf every day to pretend that I'm still drinking the real deal. While decaf ins't the same thing as "Caffeine-free" it's basically just as good. My decaf coffee grounds have 0.03% caffeine in them and if I'm being honest, that's not enough to worry me. 

Before I get into it, there's something you should know about me. 


"Hello, my name is Ramona and I'm a coffee addict." 

Before, all of my friends and family knew me as the crazy coffee obsessed woman. If a conversation had the gall to not include coffee, I'd do my addiction a solid and make sure it came up. And all of those coffee memes out there? Yea, I had a conspiracy theory they were all about me. 

 I started drinking coffee when I was a child and before we pick up pitchforks and go after my momma, it was heavily watered down coffee. As in one tablespoon of actual coffee in a mug of water sort of watered down. But I got a taste for it early on. High school was when my coffee drinking days really kicked off and then I was hooked. 

The Dilemma 

Fast forward to my early 30s and my body is just not having it anymore. It's throwing in the towel on coffee weather I want it to or not. 

Now that you get the picture on how cracked out on caffeine I was, maybe this'll come off as it should. Like I'm dying. 

Okay, okay. I'm being a bit theatrical, but the point remains. It's an adjustment. I made the move to give up coffee when I realized that I was starting to get intense heartburn after drinking half a mug. Or I'd feel bloated and just gross right away. I was having trouble finishing one cup, while usually, I drink at least 3.

I kept trying to drink it despite knowing it was making me feel sick, but I could only last a week feeling like that. I had less energy after trying to drink coffee than what I woke up with. And we all know, you need energy when you're running after a toddler all day. 

Taking A Stand

For the first two weeks I went cold turkey. No caffeine of any kind or dosage. No decaf either. Just a lot of water and herbal teas. Since I'd already been through a week of being unable to tolerate my coffee I had unintentionally gotten myself used to less caffeine each day it so this made my withdrawals much more bearable. I was tired and had the afternoon blues, sure, a few headaches. But I also felt healthier. My body felt great, just tired. That feeling of doing what my body needed was all I needed to stick it out.

I haven't had coffee in a month now, and my natural energy levels have balanced out. I've got sustainable energy all day and don't suffer from crashes or feeling physically unwell. 

Finding My Compromise 

The last two weeks I have been incorporating in some instant decaf coffee, which I know. sounds like the worst of two worlds. Instant AND decaf?! But I use a brand of instant that doesn't have that gross aftertaste, so I'm happy. As someone who spent most of her life drinking coffee, I got picky on what I accept as "the good stuff." 

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This stuff right here is the bomb. You can find it on Amazon through my link.
Was it worth it? ABSOLUTELY. I may be a little harder to wake up in the morning and growl at my husband when he tries now, but at least I'm listening to my body and doing what I need to be my best self, which is ultimately my entire goal. 

What tips do you have to survive without coffee?

Do you know any natural energy boost remedies?

Oct 14, 2019

Fun Projects and Things To Do for Couples

October 14, 2019 0 Comments
Getting out of the house! (all rights reserved)
We seem to have fallen into some generic cookie cutter society that thinks that quality time with your beau means dinner, a movie, or how much money you can spend on one another. While I think it's perfectly fine to occasionally give gifts, I firmly believe that it shouldn't be a measure of affection. 

So, keeping that in mind, I've come up with a few ideas on how to spend time with your honey-bunny that's a little outside of the box and doesn't break the bank. 

Here's where I insert the warning that I'm quite an oddball so some of these suggestions will 100000% be goofy. You're welcome in advance. Have fun and play. Adulting doesn't have to be dull. 

Let's all tease my husband about his scratched lenses. 😂 (all rights reserved)

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Things To Do With Your Shnookums:

  • Start a podcast! - My husband and I are both participants in separate podcasts and are beginning an adventure on making one that's just the two of us reviewing all the movies and shows we watch. We watch at least one movie each night after the kiddo sleeps to help us wind down, so it is such a easy project for us. 
  • Vlog - Similar to podcasting, but instead of just recording your voice, grab your smartphone and start making videos together on topics you usually talk about off camera. Maybe a his and her opinion or the like. 
  • DIY - If both you and your boo-thang like to be more hands on (outside of the bedroom, come on guys) then give this a go. Maybe hunt for thrift store finds to flip and sell on the side! 
  • Superhero Day - Get silly with it and use a throw blanket as a cape, get some sticks from outside to use as swords, and battle it out. Good vs evil. Hangry vs fed. Whatever
  • Cook - Speaking of Hangry, cook a meal together to keep the peace. Try cooking a different style each time. Think Demi Moore and Patrick Swayze in Ghost in the kitchen one day and the next day speak only in Russian accents or something. Get creative. 
  • Board Games - There are a few games that I like that are simple and easily played with two players. Exploding Kittens, PooTalk Flirt DareDare DuelSplendorAzulTicket to RideConspiracy TheoryEscape Room in a Box. There's so many more, but that's a good start. 
  • Singing Contest - No experience required! See who can sing the worst to the other and mad lib it up while you're at it.
  • Park - Hit up a local park and have a day out. Pack a picnic basket or pick up food on the way. Cloud-gaze, climb a tree, follow a trail, bike, hike, relax and chat about your favorite book, have a foot-race, or put on a silly play for others to see and question your sanity over. 
  • Teach - We often tell each other what we're passionate about, but how often do we sit someone down and try to teach them what we love? Take turns giving each other lessons. Teach art, wood working, paper crafts, how to properly load the dishwasher. You get me here, right? 
  • Goofy Selfies - Take pictures together and alternate who gets to pick the filter (or go without a filter) and see who can make the funniest faces. Have your friends judge the winner.
He hates when I make him "cutsie" (all right's reserved)
Being a mature person doesn't mean you can't have silly, fun filled moments. Having fun doesn't have to be a grand event either. Just find something that makes you smile or happy and share it with each other. Those will be the moments you'll look back on fondly. So make tons of them. 

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