Nov 1, 2019

Thanksgiving Tree - DIY Natural and Rustic Tree Decorations

November 01, 2019 1 Comments

[Cue dramatic entrance] 

Say it isn't so! October is over and with it all the spooky and dark festivities that my soul loves. *sigh

I absolutely love this time of the year. Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. It's so hard for me to choose which holiday is my favorite, my answer changes every year. This year the husband and I took our 3 year old trick-or-treating and she had so much fun. Every time someone answered the door she'd excitedly shout "trick or treat! Smell my feet!" She got a lot of laughs for that. And candy. So much candy.

With her little witch costume and curly red hair she made everyone's night. This kid got so much candy we had to dump her bucket into a grocery bag three different times because it kept filling up so fast. I mean, just look at her. Who wouldn't throw candy at this adorable diva?

P.s. We roasted that little pumpkin and stuffed it with a feast. YUM!
It turned out magnificent 

But alas, Halloween is done and while we had a blast, our home is very excited to move on to the next few holidays that are coming up.

I know there's this big ol divide on when you should put up a Christmas tree and start decorating, but I honestly love having a tree up for as long as possible. If I'm going to put a lot of effort into my tree, I want it displayed for the maximum about of time. Right? So, to avoid stepping on any toes I've found a super cute idea that doesn't cause anyone to grab a pitch fork and go after you for skipping Thanksgiving. 

The Autumn Tree

This tree can have elements of both Thanksgiving and Christmas if you desire, or it can strictly be inspired by Fall. My daughter is actually my inspiration here. She LOVES acorns. If she sees one, she picks it up and brings it home while saying it's her treasure.

Victory selfie after finding a ton of acorns!

I never really feel like spending tons of money on decorations because I'm a crafty person by nature, and that's when the idea struck. I can take all of her "harvested" acorns and turn them into little cute rustic tree ornaments. I did some research and found a ton of ways you can decorate your tree that feels more like it's honoring the season of Autumn without being too holiday specific. Of course, I still plan to make some items that are Christmas inspired, but I don't plan on focusing on that holiday alone. 

I've always wanted to make my own ornaments. That mismatched theme just jives with me, you know? I don't want my tree shiny, glossy, and "new" feeling. I want everything to be unique, natural, and rustic. I even found a way to make ornaments that actually double as air fresheners to make your home smell like the holidays all season. *fist pump*

I've looked up some information on how to make natural and low to zero cost ornaments for you all. I, personally, can't wait to try them as well. I'm about to get busy on them myself this week. A few of these ideas will have links to to follow for directions, but otherwise if it's fairly self explanatory I'll just show a few images. 

Here We Go:

 Acorn Ornaments

pop the tops off of the acorn, drill small holes and thread some ribbon or twine. Then hot glue the top back onto the acorn bottom. Before you glue it back together, paint each piece if you want them painted, otherwise skip that and go all natural. 

Dried Fruit Ornaments 

The link for the tutorial can be found here: Make me!

These are awesome and smell so great! All you need is fruit, clear craft varnish (or decoupage), an oven and some time.

Bead Dangle Ornaments

These look so pretty and can be easily customized. Rearrange them to make a snowman, paint them, make faces, write dates, names, etc. Get creative! All you need are beads and string or twine. This is so basic and simple, I plan on doing many and maybe even a wooden bead garland.

Salt Dough Ornaments

You can get so crafty with these. You can make them in any shape you want. You can make flat ornaments or 3D holiday decorations (like snowmen or Christmas tree cones) Get some flowers, plants, or maybe even lace and make impressions by rolling it on the dough with a rolling pin. Here's a recipe for Salt dough. It couldn't be easier and chances are you've already got what you need.

Cinnamon Ornaments 

The like to the tutorial can be found here: Make me!

These are guaranteed to make your home smell like autumn all season. These would be so adorable on the tree. Again, you can do any shapes you'd like. 

DIY Icicles

The link to the tutorial can be found here: Make me!

These are so pretty! And they last forever too. You need a few things, but it's so worth it. You'll need borax, pipe cleaners, twine, a hot glue gun, and some jars or pots to let these soak in for a few days.

Cinnamon Stick Ornaments

I can just imagine how lovely these would smell. Just twine or string, cinnamon sticks, and beads.

Stick & Twig Ornaments

You can do literally anything with these too. It doesn't have to be a reindeer. You can make, snowflakes, frames or maybe even a little stick family. Whichever you choose, don't forget those cute googly eyes and button noses!

And of course there's always pine cones if you live in an area rich with them. Sadly for me, being in Dallas, they're not that easy to come by naturally and I don't feel like buying them if I can help it. But if you do have access to them, they make cute little rustic ornaments with some string or a cute garland to hang up. 

Just take a walk in the park or around the neighborhood and see if anything sparks your creativity. If you love rustic and natural decorations, these are a great way to go and have a minimalist impact on your wallet.  They're such a wonderful way to spend time with family, kids, and your significant other. Make memories together and decorate your home with them for the season.

What are your favorite ways to use nature in your holiday decorations?