Oct 7, 2020

No Motivation? No Problem.

October 07, 2020 1 Comments

 Okay... What am I even doing with my life? 

It's been a very long time since I've written a post and while I love writing and I love what I have posted about, the motivation to keep going is just not there.

Do I even want to continue to talk about minimalism? What can I say that's not a repeat? It's basic. Buy less stuff and have more free time. There. I summed that up and am done. I don't think I want to spend dozens of more posts reiterating that. So, where does that leave me? 

Story of My Life

What am I supposed to even write about now? Everyday life? In quarantine? Sitting on my couch? 

I mean, it has merit and if you'd love to hear about my crazy randomness and how I am the worlds biggest goofy troll with my husband, let me know. I've got stories to tell that'll keep you laughing and cringing. Trust me. 

You know what I mean, though, right? You love something, but life just has you feeling tired even though you're not really that busy. You're passionate yet unmotivated. You have goals...but no step by step plans in place to reach them.  

You're not alone. Welcome to motha effin 2020 

I'm going to blatantly ignore the fact that I've always lacked motivation to put my all in one venture and blame 2020, at least. I am constantly going round and round in my mind trying to figure out what I want to actually do with my life.

I have so many different interests and passions, but when I sit down and try to pick one to invest all of my time in my mind balks at the idea. 

I like being a jack of all trades and don't want to focus on only one thing. To me that feels like I'm cheating myself and trying to fit into a society that wants me to pick just one thing and grind my ass off for it. 

Hard. Pass. 

What I have noticed is that in today's society we've embraced the idea of the hustle. The side gigs, the grind. The 9-5, as draining is it already is, isn't enough. We're, as a society, praising attributes that sound so exhausting. 

No, I don't want to hustle or grind or have a side gig that takes up even more of the little time I have left. And you know what? That doesn't mean I'm lazy. It is perfectly okay to not overwork yourself. It is perfectly okay to let your mind and body relax, to take time to simply be. 

Play with your kids, spend time with a loved one or friend. Hell, stare blankly at a wall for all that matters. Do what feels right for you. 

Just don't forget, it's okay to be lazy or unmotivated sometimes. Boredom leads to creativity.